Jober's Terms & Conditions

General Information.

  1. is owned by CIRIT Ltd - called Owner.
  2. Please be aware that all jobs are posted by Jober's users and The owner doesn`'t take any responsibility for content of adverts.
  3. Each advert must be related to particular postion (job offer) otherwise will be removed by website admins.
  4. Every user may post as many jobs as he/she wishes, as long as each job relates to a different position.
  5. will not get involved in any kind of disputes between users although might share some information for legal purposes.
  6. It is allowed to use the website only in accordance to the British and international law.
  7. It is disallowed to publish any content that is protected by the law (i.e. copyrights), that is offensive to other users or people/companies, that is related to erotic or pornography.
  8. Users can not claim any damage made as a result of an error or fault.
  9. If you do not accept our Terms & Conditions you should not be browsing our pages and you are not allowed to publish any content or apply for any jobs.

Job seekers.

  1. Your e-mail address may be stored and you may receive new job postings to your inbox.
  2. Job offers posted on the website do not belong to the owner and have been posted by website's users.
  3. If you think that one of job adverts is suspiciouse please contact us by e-mail as soon as possible. We will do our best to investigate each e-mail and remove unfair adverts.


  1. Your username will be e-mail address provided during registration.
  2. Each e-mail address will be validated and will need to be confirmed.
  3. All jobs can be posted with at no costs - and you will never be charged for your postings.
  4. User will agree to receive any marketing and non marketing mailing from owner of the website and other users.
  5. Your jobs may be removed and/or account blocked id we think you do not act in good will or may cause damage to website or users.

Your jobs & account.

  1. Your jobs may be removed and/or account blocked if:
    • you do not respect the Terms & Conditions
    • you advertise competitors or may cause damage to the website,
    • you place jobs with same or similar content
  2. The action may be taken without any notice.

Final agreement.

  1. All designs (i.e. Logo, templates) are protected by copyrights and can not be used without permission.
  2. It is criminal offence to try to get unpriviledged access to the website's database, code or server. Each attempt will be recorded and legal action will be taken.
  3. he Terms & Conditions may change without notice.